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Hey there, does any of this sound familiar?

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Here is the solution

Everyone thinks one they have that beautiful new website and a few hundred followers, their business will have them rolling in the dough. The problem is that half your followers are people who will never buy from you ( Hi mom). Ouch plus your site is at the bottom of Google search engine results.

But that’s not all. Things may be look pretty on the visual front , but behind the scenes, it is a madhouse . You have no processes and no systems.

Oh and you thought giving discounts or pricing low would bring in the clients. It didn’t. Now you are mad. Overworked and underpaid.

You don’t have money to overhaul, and even a coach is out of the question , right now you are feeling you are the exception, not the rule. Everyone else is on Instagram living their life and you are lucky if you book a pity party.

We are here for you… … …
Breathe a sigh of relief. You’re in the right place.

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This is not just a business course…it’s a plan of action. Turn their your passion and or hobby into a successful business. We are here to hold your hand. Together, we’ll walk through the basics of starting a successful wedding and events business with step-by-step instructions.

Start your own wedding planning business with confidence today

Get your action plan with this FREE download and you will be on your way to start your own wedding and event company.

Skip the stress and save the time it takes to piece all of this together on your own, With Samantha’s bridal wedding marketplace Academy Community, you will feel confident, Empowered, and Supported while you build the wedding and event business of your dreams.. We talk about real-life examples, empowering you to become a leader in the industry.

You can continue to struggle on your own ….. or you can join the WMBA and get the skills needed to run a profitable business.
What choice will you make ?

No need to re-invent the wheel, just take ours. We will give you tools, Templates, checklists, worksheets, in every course. You just need to adjust them to your specific need. We share with you what many in the industry took years to learn.

Learn more

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Building a successful business is hard work. You shouldn’t have to go at it alone. The Wedding and events marketplace business academy community is a great place to ask for advice, seek guidance, and gain support from other wedding planners just like you Connect with wedding and events business community here

Meet Dr Catherine Masitsa


I did a lot of wrong things until i learned to do it right.

No need to re invent the wheel, TURN MY STRUGGLES INTO YOUR REAL TREASURES

HI, I’M DOCTOR CATHERINE MASITSA. CEO and founder of Samantha’s bridal. Most of all I am a business owner like you. I build my company from the ground up. So I am not telling you stories a bout other people, I lived the life my self. I know the challenges of starting a business with zero budget, I know how to launch, how to reinvent, and how to stay positive. ,…. I know how to make a business in the wedding and events industry work, because I have done it. I will be sharing that with you

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Start attracting more clients today! JUST IMAGINE

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