The wedding business is a growing business with thousands and thousands of couples getting engaged every year! The most common times for engagement season is typically between October and February (the Christmas holidays, New Years Day and Valentine’s day)! Did you miss out on this opportunity? Not to worry! You can still catch the last minute brides that have not booked any services yet or those that are now beginning to think that they may need a planner after all! All those details not really working out for them and they need that help!

So how can you capture your brides and book more weddings? How do you target these brides? What services can you offer them right now since they have probably booked the majority of their wedding vendors & services? You can definitely offer them day-of services. This package can help boost your bottom line if you are not fully booked for the season!

  1.  Start to market to these clients right now! Do you blog? If not,

start now. Your blog is the best marketing tool. Now that you know that, plan out a 15-day blogging strategy. You will have to post a blog up over the next 15 days. Remember your keywords, show off your wedding portfolio, and give out tips. Your first blog should be 5 or 10 reason why the couple needs your services. Outline how you can help them and focus on the pain points.  Push out all your marketing efforts on social media. Join Facebook groups where brides typically hang out! Promote your services and blogs there without spamming. 

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