WEDDING AND EVENTS MARKETPLACE BUSINESS ACADEMY (WMBA) strives to advance the industry by creating business tools and learning opportunities for wedding and events industry entrepreneurs and professionals. Our products include, Educational products, Business Tools and Templates, Workshops, Coaching, Speaking Engagements.

We offer in person instructor led courses, group training, webinars and on-demand subscription-based learning developed and delivered by event industry leaders, as well as support for academic programs for academic learning institutions. We also have an extensive on-demand video class library and Business Tools and Templates, to help you build your very best business processes. The wed Biz pro workshops help professionals and entrepreneurs connect with each other and learn from other professionals, all while working to elevate the future of the wedding and events industry together!



Professionals working in the wedding and event industry range from newbies, seasoned planners and those who are employed and do planning as part of their job description. The fact is, No matter who is planning and regardless of their experience, the Client has the same expectation. The event must have the look, feel and functionality that the paying client or decision maker envisioned. And because events happen in real time, planners only have one shot to get it right!

We created the WMBA with this in mind. No matter your experience level or how many events you have planned or how long you have been in the industry, we want to help you get it right every time, by providing you the flexible and accessible education options, tools, knowledge and training so that you can get it right every time and succeed at any stage in your career.

Our education product offering is customized to reflect the needs of today’s complex and diversity of the weddings and events industry. This enables us to go deep in whatever specialty course we’re in. our various courses have in fact been created to reflect the need of industry employers and leaders, independent business owners.

What makes WMBA different?

We believe the following benefits make our platform unique.

  • Industry subject matter: Our classes are taught by people Who are (a) subject matter experts in their field, (b) excellent teachers and communicators, and (c) passionate about learning and raising the level of knowledge in our industry. Instructors average 15-20 years of experience. They share a passion for their craft, and a desire to share their knowledge with their industry. In fact, many of them are so committed to educating others in the field that they give away some proprietary resources, processes, and secrets as part of their classes.
  • Unbundled Micro-Learning: our on demand classes are broken down into 3-10 minutes munch-able tidbits of educational offerings. You can bidge watch or go straight to what the section you need
  • Digital certification badge : At the end of the course you receive certification badges which can be placed on your Linked In profile, email signature, website, and other digital platforms. Anyone who clicks on them is brought to a secure verification page on our site, confirming your name, the date you earned the credential and what you mastered
  • The Founder , DR CATHERINE MASITSA has been around the block and have mostly seen it all. She knows what it takes to make a business in this industry work because she’s done it. She is a successful award-winning media, marketing, and event industry entrepreneur. She hopes to share her experience with the students. (See her full BIO here)

Learning Styles

We offer three different forms of learning styles : structured and unstructured

Structured Learning includes

  • Structured Hybrid- combines online and Campus in-person instructor-led courses, which follow a specific syllabus and include assignments, quizzes, group discussions and other interactive elements. Upon completing a course, attendees can take a final exam to earn a physical and a digital certificate for these courses.
  • Structured online – Make progress towards your goals on your own time and at your own pace!
  • HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS (Accelerate your Business)-Structured In person 3 day workshops 3 days of panels, luxury hands-on learning, networking, and get the inspiration you need to elevate your own career as a successful wedding and event business pro.

Unstructured Learning includes

Netflix-style on demand Video class library which features instructional business and professional development topical content that average 30-40 minutes, taking advantage of the micro-learning format. Content is organized into topical tracks such as Business, Creativity & Design, Strategy, Venues, Tech, Careers, etc.

Business Tools & Templates



Samantha’s bridal Wedding Marketplace Business Academy-WMBA has invested significantly in creating wedding and events business TOOLS and templates. These templates will not only help you streamline your work process giving you peace of mind, but they will help you make a good impression on your client. Remember wedding business is all about image. Shop here for the templates

This ready to use business templates are ideal for anyone just starting out or even seasoned planners who want to take their business to the next level . From branding, generating leads, your first meeting, email templates , etc this templates will improve your business process, easy straightforward communication, our templates have got it all .

The Templates will help automate your business helping to

  • Streamline your work
  • be efficient ensuring nothing falls through the cracks with clients
  • Get organized
  • Make a good impression and wow your clients
  • Drastically reduce the stress of being overworked and overwhelmed
  • Improve productivity up to 10x more
  • Get peace of mind to focus on doing what you love and make a bigger impact
  • Ensure consisted and amazing client experience
  • Build a business that works for you