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Accelerate Your Business Workshops

As a wedding &Event business owner, your work goes far beyond wedding and event planning, décor and supplies! To succeed in the industry, you need the business savvy to effectively market yourself, network with vendors, and manage the back end of your business. This module provides advanced business training tailored to the wedding and event industry.

Learning Outcomes

The training provides you with the guidance and practical tools you’ll need to take your existing business to the next level.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a greater understanding of branding, social media; content marketing, search engine optimization, and other advanced marketing tools. You will understand how to direct a styled shoot, and how to create and use your professional portfolio to get more clients. Additional optional units on business communications, project management and financial management allow you to target the aspects of business ownership you need in order to succeed. You’ll also have the option to do a final independent development project where you’ll work one-on-one with your tutor to target your business needs.

Invest in your business to gain clients and connections, manage your work effectively, and create a more profitable business.

This course is best for those who:


The Wedding Marketplace Business Academy is a private training Institution.  The qualifications offered are both nationally and internationally recognized within the Wedding industry. Even though there is no formal qualifications required to be a Wedding and Event Planner, studying with an industry recognized institution like the Samantha’s wedding marketplace business academy (WMBA), will not only equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, you can now demonstrate competitive distinction, that you have the knowledge, training, experience, judgment, and ability to plan and manage a successful event giving your future clients confidence that they are hiring a professional.

This course is a great training option for those looking to start and run a successful wedding and events business. Many of our graduates have gone on to launch successful businesses. It is also good for those looking to gain the confidence; skills and knowledge needed to get a job as a wedding planner in wedding venues or with established wedding planners or agencies before they can transition into their own business.

Our online course gives you the flexibility to learn anywhere and at times that suit you. So you really can fit your course around your lifestyle. Many of our students study whilst having a full time job and/or looking after a family. We also have in person courses with 3 intakes per year. 

Yes! There are plenty of successful planners out there.  Long gone are the days when people thought wedding planning wasn’t a ‘real’ career. More weddings are planned than any other single event.

Weddings have become very expensive with couples spending an average of USD 30,000. With too much emotion vested in the wedding, Couples are looking for perfection. In addition, couples are more and more aware of the support options out there when it comes to their wedding. If you are currently a Wedding Planner and you would like to increase your knowledge and expertise in this ever-growing field, then we highly recommend, the  Samantha’s WEDDING AND EVENTS MARKET PLACE BUSINESS ACADEMY WMBA

At WMBA we are unique in that we focus on weddings from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.  AFRICA is a Rainbow CONTINENT of many different cultures – and to be a cutting-edge Wedding Planner, you absolutely need to know about the different cultures and how they experience weddings. Of course competition is there but by having the knowledge this course gives you, as well as the certification, it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Yes. This is not just a business course…it’s a plan of action on how turn your passion and hobby into a successful business.  We are here to hold your hand.  Together, we will walk through the basics of starting a successful wedding and events business with step-by-step instructions. We have tools, resources, trainings, and community many of us wish we had when we first started—all in one incredibly supportive place. Here you will have access to our proven framework for   booking more clients and staying organized. You will have the opportunity to create your services and pricing and write a business and marketing plan. You will get a thorough understanding of the Basics of Running a Profitable Wedding and Events Business, how events work, the role of events in today’s world ,why people and companies host events, how the industry is configured, and how to strategically plan and coordinate a typical event from A to Z. We also look at social media, contracts and insurance and teach you how to sell to your future customers. Our business training is detailed and very practical and many of our students have launched their businesses alongside completing the course.

For the online course, there is no set limit or deadlines, it really depends on how much time you can devote to your studies per week. Some students have completed this course in as little as 3 Months, while other have taken the whole full year allocated for completion of your course. The in person course will take you 6 months which includes all theory and practical lessons.

Absolutely! We deal with very many newbies just starting out. We will start you at the beginning with the basics and build up from there to help you develop your knowledge as you go along.

You will get support from other wedding and event entrepreneurs just like you in the WMBA members-only community.

Through our private student Facebook group, you will access to all the mentors at the academy once you enroll with the Samantha’s Wedding Academy. You will become part of a community where you receive support not only from the mentorship team but from your fellow students as well. The Wedding and events marketplace business academy community is a great place to ask for advice, seek guidance, and gain support from other wedding planners just like you so there is always someone available to help and guide you. Building a successful business is hard work. You shouldn’t have to go at it alone.


Yes. Your course work and final project is part of your certification assignment. You will then receive your certificate and digital badge and officially be a Certified Wedding Planner.