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Mini Courses

Our portfolio of mini-courses allow you to Build your own custom learning experience Step-by-step by providing students at ALL levels with the full training, tools and resources with essential skills required to plan and produce stylish unforgettable special events and weddings anywhere in the world as you grow your business. Our Mini-Courses offer you a complete breakdown of the wedding and event planning process – complete with the tools, downloadable checklists, guides, templates and worksheets to enable you successfully launch and position your wedding and event business for success.

  1. Luxury Wedding planning Blue print:From Inquiry to Booking- – 90-minute video master class on how to successfully book and plan a luxury wedding
    Downloadable 100 page Guide on how to wedding planning process Wedding proposal template, timelines, and vendor booking tracker.
  2. Selecting and working with vendors2 hrs. master class on how to course and book vendors
    24-page vendor sourcing guide
    Customizable vendor booking tracker template
  3. Working with venues
  4. Pricing your wedding servicesA complete guide to building and pricing your wedding planning services for sustainable profit
    3 part master class on how to curate your product and price price your services – video training
    100 page page service pricing template sample invoice & contract templates Book

    Ready-To-Use Wedding Planner Packages and Services Templates

    • Sales funnels
    • Email marketing
    • Proposal writing
    • Onboarding
    • Budgets for wedding planners
    • Corporate event palnning
    • Wedding and event contracts
    • Onsite production and logistics