Customized Group Trainings

Take Your Event Team To The Next Level

Take Your Event Team To The Next Level

Whether you are looking for a simple training solution or a comprehensive, completely customized learning plan, At WMBA, we offer a variety of solutions for your group training & professional development needs.

On-Demand Learning

Make it easy for your team. Allow them to learn whenever and wherever that is most convenient for them. Our on demand video library featuring over 120 video lessons of bite-sized, laser -focused topics and lessons that can fit learning into your team’s busy schedule


We provide training and certification with a deep dive into comprehensive key event management topics such as customer experience for the wedding industry, Fundraising Event Management, meetings management, strategic event management, Technical Meeting & Event Production, Venue coordination and Sales, and more.


We can work with you to define outcomes from any topic of your choice. In addition we can secure a reputable and knowledgeable event industry expert to present your employees a private webinar, complete with a dedicated interactive question and answer period with any topic of your choice.

Customized Content

Starting with a discovery survey, we’ll determine your team’s unique training needs and work with to create unique educational content that meets your company’s goals.

One-on-One Coaching

Provide your team direct access to top minds in the industry through our one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions. We’ll match your team with a WMBA MENTOR OR INSTRUCTOR who can provide qualified advice and guidance, helping them to advance in their roles. We’re making it easy to hire experts that fit your exact needs: Our coaches are here to give you clarity, support, and accessibility to make all your goals come to life. Book a coaching call with our exclusive experts.(You can’t get them anywhere else.)

On-Site Training

Bring the SAMANTHAS WMBA to your team, either at your office or your own venue for in-person workshops, seminars, and more. We’ll bring the same high level of education content to your team, in person.

Top Industry Leading Instructors

We offer the highest quality training in the industry. Our instructors average 15 years of experience.

Flexible Learning

Our learning solutions are very flexible. We have in person and online. The advantage of online being that your team can fit learning into their schedule without having to block out time to learn together. Our advanced online learning system will automatically check off which sections and classes your team members have previously done, at the same time continue from where they have left.
Video classes are arranged in easy to find chapters and most average 30 minutes.

Find Out How SAMANTHAS WMBA Can Help Your Team!

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